McDonald's "Deferred Fulfilment" Website Is Up!

After what seems like eternity, McDonald's "deferred fulfilment" website for the Despicable Me 2 Happy Meal Minion toys is finally up and running.

For fans who have missed out on certain designs from the last two weeks, now is your chance to complete your collection!

Happy Meal with Minion toys

The ordering process is very simple.

All you have to do is:
  • Log into,
  • Sign up for an account,
  • Select your desired characters,
  • Review the shopping cart before confirming the order
  • Proceed to pay via credit card (Mastercard and VISA only)
  • Print the transaction page (The order details and serial number will be indicated on the page)
  • Collection venue and date to be advised via SMS notification (nearer to the collection date)

After placing your orders, you will be sent a SMS notification (at a later date) indicating the venue and date of collection. On the day itself, bring your identiy card and the printed transaction page (details with serial number) where you will be given the Happy Meal (in the form of Happy Meal food voucher) and your Despicable Me 2 toys on the spot upon redemption.

Be reminded that the collection time will be somewhere in December 2013 so that is about four months away. As for the Happy Meal food voucher, they are redeemable at all stores except for institutional outlets.

For more queries, do read through the Terms & Conditions and FAQs!

Happy collecting!