Video: When Elephants Goes Amok! *GRAPHIC*

The Elephant is the largest land mammal and also the most regal-looking.

These highly-endangered giants should be revered and left in the wild but the biggest threat they faced are the loss of habitat when people cleared large areas of land, forcing them to stray out of the forest into settled areas where they sometimes destroy property, trample crops, and even kill people.

What you are going to see are some videos of elephants going on a rampage.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

The first footage appears to be a festival in India with lots of people in a compound when one of the elephant suddenly goes berserk, shaking the people off its back and causing the crowd to scramble for their lives. 

The elephant was filmed attacking a man with his trunk and tusks, pinning him to the ground before flinging his body around like a ragged doll even when the man has already lost all consciousness. 

The elephant even attacked another elephant, pushing it to the ground where it falls on its side and tumble over. When the second elephant got back on its feet, the rogue elephant pushes it headlong into the building where some of the people were taking refuge.

The second footage is even harder to watch. The attack seems to happen in a village at India where an elephant was seen trampling and kicking the body of a man over and over again. It is not clear why the elephant only specifically attacked that man as there were many bystanders nearby.

Towards the end, the video showed bits of flesh and blood on the ground. I doubt the man survived.

They say an elephant never forgets. Could the man be the Mahout and that he has been mistreating the animal until it could take it no more?

Okay, the last one is a little funny because the elephant ripped off the sarong of one of the men who managed to escape unharmed butt-naked! 


To save your time, just skip to the action at the 2:20 mark.

Jokes aside, let's do our part in the conservation of elephants by:
1. not going to circuses that uses elephants (or any other animals) to perform
2. not paying for elephant rides that targets tourists

Captive elephants are often beaten, chained, and denied almost everything that is natural and important to them. This understandably causes aggression in them which in turn poses a threat to humans.