Video: The Longest Death Scene Ever In Movie History

"Kareteci Kız" (Karate Girl) is a 1973 Turkish film directed by Orhan Aksoy.

Zeynep (Filiz Akin) is a mute girl who has lost her ability to speak because of an accident.

One day, five prison fugitives came to their house where her father was slained and they took the money meant for her operation to regain her voice.

Due to the shock, Zeynep regains her ability to speak.

The fugitives were caught but Zeynep had wanted to take her own revenge, therefore she told the police that the fugitives are not the ones who have attacked them.

The police appoints Murat to take her statement who also taught her karate and how to use a gun.

They fell in love and decided to get married but during their wedding, the fugitives killed Murat. Nothing can now stop Zeynep from seeking revenge.

She became a policewoman and tracked down the fugitives one by one.

In this particular scene, Zeynep fired a shot at one of the fugitives who let out an unending scream in slow motion. After another few shots, the fugitive is still screaming away and thrashing about in the room before he finally falls dead on the bed.

Here's the original clip.

Now you know why everybody wants him dead?