Transvestite Show, Hat Yai *Videos*

After we returned to the hotel from the [Floating Market], some of them went out for more shopping while some of us proceeded to watch the Transvestite show.

There was nothing sleazy about it like I had thought initially. It was more like a cabaret show with elaborate costumes, stage design, plenty of lip-synching and dancing.

Cameras were not allowed but people still take photos anyway so I joined in too albeit discreetly without flash.

The transvestites really brought the house down with their superb performance! Some seranade us with their singing while some made us laugh so hard with their antics!

The more popular ones had their own act to entertain the crowd while the lesser known ones had to make do with being backup dancers while waiting for their big break.
My favorite zeh zeh of the night

Pretty flowers bloom for you and me...

At the end of the show, I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of transvestites:  the "operation successful" ones and the "operation not-so-successful" ones.

The former are those who after their sex change were able to wow the audience with their grace and beauty while the latter refers to those who end up looking like drag queens and have to work doubly hard to win the audience over with their wit and humor...

I gotta admit that I am impressed with their courage for coming to terms with who they really are and overcoming all odds to be who they wanna be.

Yet, how many of us would be brave enough to do that?

It was our last night in Hat Yai and we will be visiting Penang early next morning!

Stay tuned!