Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore!

Singapore celebrates her 47th Birthday with much fanfare on the floating platform at Marina Bay yesterday.

I believe that for many of us, the biggest draw of the parade this year was the attendance of Singapore's Founding Father, Lee Kwan Yew.

Just earlier this week, someone who claimed to have "highly credible source" hinted that Mr Lee has passed away and that news have been withheld till the celebrations are over.

This piece of shocking news of course caused quite a stir on social media especially when  the 47th anniversary of our Independence is merely days away!

Fortunately, the rumors were quickly quashed on the big day itself when Mr Lee graced the occasion with his presence. He seemed well enough to walk, albeit slowly, without any assistance.

The audience cheered and exploded into an applause as Singapore's former Minister Mentor made his grand entrance much to the relief of Singaporeans.




Even though I may not concur with all his policies, his contributions towards the developement of Singapore is something that cannot be denied. 

Whatever your political beliefs may be, let us put down all our differences and enjoy the celebration of our Independence as one united people. 

*I could never figure why the perpetrator would stoop so low to spread such malicious lies around. Is it for fame or just plainly seeking for attention?

That's MM Lee for you!

Anyway, here's Olivia Ong and Natanya Tan singing this year's NDP theme song "First Light" and the finale with fireworks.