Economical Rice @ Kopitiam Foodcourt

"Economical Rice" (also known as mixed rice/chap chye png/chap fan/jin ji cai fan) refers to a typical chinese food stall that sells a myarid of home-cooked dishes that is accompanied by rice or thin porridge.

The food are displayed behind a glass pane in shallow, square receptacles which are kept warm on top of water heated by heating elements. When ordering, you simply point out what you want to the vendor and pay accordingly to each portion of dish you ordered.

Meat dishes typically costs more than vegetables with fish and seafood being the pricier items.

These rice stalls are a common sight around Singapore and can be found in most coffeeshops, hawker centres and even food courts.

"Economical Rice" translates to affordable meals that's easy on the pocket hence is a popular choice for many who are out to look for a thrifty meal or meal on a budget.

Today, I was unable to patronise my usual stall at the coffeeshop and could only settle my lunch at a foodcourt.

It was my first time having economical rice at a foodcourt and I was surprised to be charged $4 for just one meat and two vegetables.

That very same combo at my usual stall would only set me back by $2.90. Does curry chicken, brinjal and cauliflower justify $4?

At that price, I could have ordered a fish dish.

Is it common practice for a economical rice stall at a foodcourt to charge more than their counterparts at the coffeeshops? $4 for one meat and two vegetables is ridiculous!

Having economical rice at the foodcourt is anything but economical. Oh, the irony!

This peasant shall humbly stick to his usual chap chye png stall at the coffeeshop from now on.

What say you?