Toast Box Laksa

When I visited The Esplanade recently, I got so hungry that I do not think I could survive the walk over to the Marina Square food court at the opposite without fainting from hunger.

Since I am right outside Toast Box, it seem the obvious choice for me.

I really like the concept and decor at Toast Box but have been most reluctant to dine there due to their slightly higher pricing. However, it seemed to be the most economical choice viable at that crucial moment considering where I was.

If dining at Toast Box could spare my aching calves from more walking (I have been walking all day that day), I would gladly do so even if it means paying just a little more.

After browsing the menu, I decided to order the Laksa.

It was a rather long wait (about 15 minutes) but good thing is we do not have to stand in line to wait for our food. Rather, we were given 'UFO pagers' to alert us when our order is ready for collection.

At first glance, the presentation seem promising.

The usual ingredients of taupok, fishcake, prawns and half a hard boiled egg were all accounted for. Well, all except for one - cockles! It was only after stirring did I realize that the all important shellfish were nowhere to be seen and those were not the only missing items. Instead of the usual chor bee hoon (粗米粉) which I am accustomed to, Toast Box's Laksa is served with mee tai bak (米台目/老鼠粉).

It is my first time having Laksa with mee tai bak so I think it needs a little getting use to. The mee tai bak unfortunately, was overcooked hence too soft for my liking however, the gravy was surprisingly robust and aromatic.

I love their gravy so much that I finished every drop of it! Well, even though I am not a frequent customer of Toast Box, an occasional indulgence from now on does not seem unreasonable.

Would anyone care to enlighten me is there is a option to choose chor bee hoon or do they serve mee tai bak only?

8 Raffles Ave
Singapore 039802

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