Singapore Zoo Celebrates Its 40th Birthday!

Officially opened on 27 June 1973, the Singapore Zoo is undisputedly one of the finest zoo around the region.

A distinct feature of the zoo is its open-concept where animals roam freely in the open. Take the Orangutans for example, visitors could observe them in close proximity among the trees via the elevated boardwalk which offers a spectacular 360° aerial view of the surroundings.

Unlike some zoos that keep their animals in concrete cells, the animals' quarters here are landscaped as closely to their natural habitat as possible so they are simulated to put on their natural behaviour as they would in the wild and with some luck, they might just start breeding!

One of the Singapore Zoo's greatest achievement is its successful breeding program for some of their endangered animals. To date, they have bred 40 Orangutans, 13 White Rhinos, 3 Sun Bears, and even a Polar Bear. It is heartening to know that the zoo's efforts towards conservation and preserving wildlife is taking off!

In celebration of its 40th birthday, there was a 60% discount off admission ticket prices and what better opportunity for me to pay a visit to our award winning zoo?

Without much further ado, let's take a look at the pictures I have taken.

Inuka's new enclosure was just unveiled on 29 May 2013

Frozen Tundra is one of the zoo's latest exhibit. This $8 million enclosure is home to Inuka, the first Polar Bear to be born in the tropics, right here in the Singapore Zoo!

Other than having a large icy pool with a waterfall to swim in, there is a outdoor area where he could bask in the sun or to take refuge in a indoor 'cave'.

I am glad the zoo is doing all they can to make Inuka happier as he seem rather lonely after his mother, Sheba, died a year ago.

As the zoo is planning to become a rainforest-themed zoo, they will not be importing anymore animals from the Artic.

Inuka taking a nap

Orangutan's playground

Deforestation is threatening the survival of these apes in the wild but good news is that the Singapore Zoo has bred a good number of them, many of which have been sent to zoos overseas. 


The Asian Elephants are another highly endangered species due to the loss of habitat and poaching for their tusks.

Asian Elephants

The Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia is another award-winning exhibit which features a colony of more than 90 baboons complete with the majestic mountains, rugged terrain and waterfalls that is found in their natural habitat.

This two are dozing off while sitting up


Stepping into the Australian Outback zone, a Cassowary greeted visitors near the entrance. Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter was there to officiate its opening in 2006.

As its name suggests, this zone showcases animals that are indigenious to Australia like the Grey Kangaroo and Wallaby. If you are lucky, you might catch a joey peeking out from its mother's pouch!


White Tiger

Spotting a beautiful white coat with brown stripes and blue eyes, the White Tiger exhibit remains a star attraction of the Singapore Zoo. Their rarity is due to a genetic defect which robs their coat of its orange color.

In 2008, a Malaysian cleaner working for the zoo entered the tigers' enclosure and was bitten to death in full view of horrific visitors. The court ruled it as suicide.

Omar and Winnie

Elephant ride

This fella leapt from the tree and landed in the bushes beside me

Estuarine Crocs

Sun Bear

Pea Hen and chick

Cotton-top Tamarin peeing

Now, what is a trip to the zoo without animal shows? The Singapore Zoo has four different shows with twice daily performances.

Show Venue AM PM
Splash Safari Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre 10.30am 5.00pm
Animal Friends Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre 11.00am 4.00pm
Elephants At Work And Play Elephants of Asia 11.30am 3.30pm
Rainforest Fights Back Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre 12.30pm 2.30pm

If you do not wish to miss any of the shows, my recommendation is as follows:

1) Catch the 10.30am "Splash Safari" at the Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre (20 min).
2) Head over to the Elephants of Asia (just next door) for the 11.30am "Elephants At Work And Play" (25 min). Take note that seats fill up pretty fast for this show so you have to hurry!
3) Once done, head back to the Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre for the 12.30pm "Rainforest Fights Back" show.

*I skipped the "Animal Friends" show because its morning show clashes with "Elephants At Work And Play" and because the venue is at another area. You can always catch the second show at 4.00pm.

Still need more reasons to visit the zoo?

Here's two!

1) For the month of July, enjoy 40% off admission ticket prices!

2) Enjoy 40% off admission ticket prices for yourself and four other friends when you visit during your birthday month. Only catch is, you must be born in 1973! Promo valid till 31 December 2013.

80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826
Opening Hours: 8.30 - 6 pm daily
Telephone: 6269 3411 

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