Movie: Monsters University

In case you haven't heard, everyone's favorite monsters are back!

After twelve long years, Mike and Sulley are making a comeback with a new movie except this time, we are brought back to the very beginning where they first met in college!

It all began during a school excursion to Monster Inc. for pint-sized Mike and his elementary school friends. There, he met one of his heroes, "Frightening" Frank McCay who gave him his Monsters University cap and from that point forward, Mike is determined to attend the university and become a top scarer, just like Frank.

Fast forward a couple of years later, Mike was accepted into Monsters University where he enrolled in the University's elite Scare Program. He was the studious student every professor could only dream of. He is always prepared and never misses a lecture however, there is just one teeny weeny problem; Mike isn't exactly very scary.

On the other hand, Sulley, son of a famous scary monster from a pristigious lineage is the complete opposite of Mike. He is huge and scary with a thunderous roar but has a lack of discipline and an interest in the fundamentals.

And no wonder this pair can't get along! One works hard all his life to be scary while the other is scary enough without even trying. While trying to outdo each other to earn the top spot in the Scare Program, the duo got themselves into trouble with the intimidating Dean Hardscrabble, who promptly expels them from the program.

Not willing to give up his dream without putting up a fight, Mike and Sulley had to put aside their differences and work together (with a bunch of other misfits) to win the annual scaring games competition to prove their worth in order to be allowed back into the Scare Program.

The college theme should strike a cord with most adults - what with the freshmen orientation, the different fraternities, the cool kids, etc so this isn't just a movie for the kids.

If you remember Monsters Inc., the story focused heavily on Sulley but Monsters University is all about Mike: his hopes, his dreams, and the realizations he reaches as he grows up. 

Monsters University isn't too bad. It is hilarious, and without a dull moment.  

Remember to stay till the end of the credits!

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