Please Help This Elderly Man At Ang Mo Kio

While having lunch at Ang Mo Kio a few days ago, an elderly man approached my table and began consolidating all the leftovers from the different bowls into one.

Initially, I thought he is the cleaner here to clear up the table so I did not pay him much attention until he sat down and began to eat out of that bowl!

I was shaken by what I had seen and I knew that I have to help him somehow but how do I go about it without hurting his feelings?

Many thoughts raced through my mind but before I could think of a solution (there wasn't much leftovers in the bowls anyway), he got up and left.

I could only watch in despair as he continued his way, probably to look for more leftovers to fill his stomach.

WHY? Why did I hold back and not put my thoughts into actions?

I am finding this really hard to believe. According to Forbes, Singapore is the third richest country so why are there people still surviving on scraps?

You know, I really wanted to help him out but at that time, I am still reeling from the shock that I am at a lost of what to do. Even though such stories are not unheard of, seeing it with my own eyes is so much more impactful than hearing it from someone else.

I feel so bad for not being able to help him in time.

My concern now is that does he have a home and why isn't he on any form of social welfare?

Here's my plea: If you know this uncle or have have seen him around Ang Mo Kio Central Food Centre (Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6), will you please buy him something nice to eat? I wished I did when I had the opportunity to but regrettably, I did not walk my talk.

You could, at the same time, get uncle to call this number 98770340 as the good folks at Project Awareness (after learning about his plight from this blog) are currently looking for him so that they could render him assistance.

They went down to look for him on Wednesday without success and they will search for him again on Friday (Vesak Day). 

With that said, all I could do now is to pray for his well-being and hope that he could be found soon.

I am ashamed.

Edit (May 28 2014): This post is almost a year old. I realized this post has been receiving quite a number of hits this two days from Facebook. Can anyone let me know where in Facebook has this link been posted at? Leave me a message in the comments below please. :)