Video: Road Rage

This incident which happened outside the Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road was caught on camera by the victim's dashboard camera.

In the video, the victim - a taxi driver was seen slowing down as there is another taxi in front.

It is not clear why there are so many people crowding around the taxi in front but it is evident that they are obstructing the traffic.

The driver horned about four times but upon hearing it, a fat man rushed out in a menacing manner, banging on the victim's bonnet with his fist while a skinny man went over to the driver's side and yelled at the victim to get down from his vehicle.

Very soon, the entire mob came over to the victim's taxi and a shouting match ensued. To be fair, I believe the only perpetrators are the fat and skinny man while the rest are just trying to break up the fight. A woman's voice could be heard apologizing repeatedly.

According to the video uploader, the skinny man also went over to the passenger's side trying to fight the two passengers who were just teenagers.

Even if the victim is at fault (which I don't think he is) for sounding the horn, surely it does not warrant a fight like this?

All I can say is, everything escalated too quickly.

Just why are the fat man and skinny man so ill-mannered? No wonder Singa, the Courtesy Lion wanted to call it quits!