Sentosa Flowers 2012: Enchanted Spring

By the time this post is up, I would have already visited Sentosa twice - the first time being the week before Chinese New Year and the second time during the annual Sentosa Flowers (圣淘沙春節花會).

I will be combining shots from both visits into one post. I have blogged about the Sentosa Boardwalk in the previous post. I shall now begin this post with entering Sentosa.

Loved the greenery!

Visitors to Sentosa via the boardwalk could purchase a ticket at the ticketing office (located near the end of the Tropical Rainforest theme) or, if you are a local or a tourist possessing an EzLink card, you could simply tap your way in at the gantry.

This is what you see the moment you enter Sentosa via the Sentosa Boardwalk.

The Sentosa Express from Vivocity will arrive via these tracks

Where to go first?

Artificial limestone cave?

The interior

Looking out from within the limstone cave

This needs no further introduction - Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

I still have not got the chance to visit USS, yet. Will find a chance to do so soon.

Malaysian Food Street

I had wanted to have my brunch here but was put off by the crowd. *Gonna knock myself on the head for turning down the invitation to attend the food tasting before it opens to public.* Not sure if this is gonna be a permanent thing? Will dedicate a post to this soon.

The second week I returned, the crowd got worst. We now have to queue to get inside!

The revolving dragon

Dragon spotted at The Forum, above the Casino

RAWRRR! Be awed!

This dragon had lanterns for body

Pretty impressive!


Withdraw all your money and hand them over to the Casino

The Lake of Dreams fountain

RW = Resort World

The Merlion - a symbolic icon of Singapore

"The Carp Leaps Over The Dragon Gate"

Was waiting for that PRC to finish taking 987,654,321th
shots of herself in the same pose at the letter 'S'

One week later...

I knew there was something amiss with this dragon

One week later...


Dragon on a wall

One week later...

You could 畫龍點睛 with it...

Tea terrace


Teapot arch made with Pussy Willows

Who came up with the name "Pussy Willows"?

It sounds like a dirty word...

Dragon sand sculpture

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Butterfly Park

Imbiah Lookout

Sentosa Skyline Luge (Imbiah)

Luge going down to Siloso

Kids can do it too

Witnessed a pair of PRC women plucking the fruits
off this plant outside the Cable Car ticketing office...


Found a couple of eggs on my way down to Merlion Plaza

Bought a Vanilla Hokkaido Ice Cream for two bucks

Teasing the Merlion

No ice cream inside the cone?

Freaking expensive for ONE scoop of ice cream!
Back to the Festive Walk to see the dragons...

Loved this cartoon-fied Merlion

The Merlion

Headed towards Siloso Beach via Merlion Walk.

Flying Jellyfishes

iFly, uFly, everybodyFly!

Sentosa Skyline Luge (Siloso)

Going up to Skyline Luge (Imbiah)
from Skyline Luge (Siloso)

Going up, up, up!

Luge coming down, down, down!

Slow down...

Siloso Beach


Bikini Bar

The sun was burning hot that day

Hence decided to take the Sentosa Express at Beach Station...

View from Beach Station

View from Beach Station

View from Beach Station

Back to Imbiah Station

Saw another cute Merlion

Candy tree!

 Don't you wish this tree is real?

Maltesers @ $1.50

Why didn't I buy? WHY? WHY? WHY?


Time for lunch

Guess what? I bought these from Vivocity Giant and have been lugging them (the Pokka drink was six in a pack) around the island all day. I didn't know there are KFC and 7-11 at Sentosa now... #fail

Heading back towards Sentosa Boardwalk...

The Sentosa Boardwalk and the pink Sentosa Express heading back to Vivocity

Crane Dance

The Crane Dance bellowing black smoke...

The Enter and Exit gantry if you are coming by Sentosa Boardwalk

$1 per entry

Just tap and go. I'm now tapping out.

Bridge over troubled waters?

Heading back to Vivocity via the Sentosa Boardwalk

What used to be the old World Trade Centre

Viewing deck

I wish they could extend the shelter over here. It could get unbearably hot during the afternoons.

The stairs with the curves and lines

How it looked like from the bottom of the stairs

Viewing deck above the F&B outlet

Back at Vivocity

Did you know that this is my first visit to Vivocity? It was quite out of the way from where I lived and one of my 2012 New Year resolutions was to actually come here. So must take a picture to prove that I 到此一遊 before. One resolution down!

No, make that TWO resolutions down. The other resolution was to visit Sentosa! Heh!

Nice sculpture

A view of Sentosa from Vivocity

I had a nasty cramp just after stepping off the Sentosa Boardwalk