Batam 2014

Went to Batam with the folks last Saturday. We woke up at five in the morning and the skies were still dark when we reached the Cruise Centre at Harbourfront.

I was actually not too keen to go as our last trip to Batam was just a few days short to a year

However, with the lure of A&W, I decided to go anyway.

Realized Habourfront's 7-11 is not 24 hours

It is still early and we did not have time for breakfast at home so I thought of buying something from 7-11 to fill our stomachs temporarily. However, the store was not opened until much later.

Once it was opened, I walked a few rounds and decided on these two burgers by CP. After paying for them at the cashier, I popped the burgers into the oven to heat them up.

I have never thought much of such convenience store burgers but they tastes surprisingly good to me.

The burger looked as plain as can be but the bun is soft and fluffy just like McDonald's Fillet-O-Fish.

Waiting for the gate to open

Our ferry

Bringing luggage for one day tour?

Arrived at Sekupang Ferry Terminal

Our group were led through a "VIP lane" where we did not have to queue to get our passport stamped. We just handed our passports over to the tour guide who handled everything for us.

We boarded the coach and I am expecting that we would be visiting that same few places which we had visited before.

Chocolate House

Just as expected, we came to Chocolate House.

Nothing is cheap here hence we did not buy anything.

Next, we were brought to Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple. Again, we have been here the previous year so we did not look around. Instead, we head straight to the canteen for the vegetarian pau.

I like the mock char siew pau here but Mum and Dad preferred the vege pau (mang guang with glass noodle).

Vegetarian Chap Chye Png

The vegetarian food here looks good. I feel tempted to have some. 

The temple is right next to a school. I think they are having their graduation photo taking.

Sign seen outside the temple

Diana Layer Cakes

Next, we are taken to Diana Layer Cakes. The owner converted part of her house into a kitchen for making these cakes.

Putting prunes on top of the layer cake

Layer Cakes: Prune and Original flavors

Our next destination is Golden Prawn where we go crazy shopping for titbits.

Then, it was time for lunch at the restaurant behind.

We had out lunch here last year but...

we got a VIP room this year...


Next stop, we were brought to the Polo Ralph Lauren factory outlet. Saw the tote bags below. Cute!

Like the designs but would never dare to use them so I did not buy any

More designs

We came to the Batik factory outlet but Dad and I crossed over the road for the epok epok instead. Remember how we discovered this very delish epok epok last year?

Swees Epok Epok


Our last stop of the day is at Batam City Square. I was crestfallen when I heard that we would be settling our dinner here. 

One of my main reason for coming on this trip is to have A&W at Megamall but we had no chance of going there at all.

2 sets of 2 piece meal for RP93,000

The next best thing we had was KFC. Perhaps I was feeling sore about not going to A&W so I actually think that the KFC does not taste good at all. Haha!

I did not quite enjoy this trip as we have been to all the places before. Furthermore, the air-conditioner in the coach is not cold enough thereby making me sweat the whole day.

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