The Prong Collar: Training Aid Or Torture Instrument?

I guess most people would have already read about the case of the dog trainer abusing her dog at one of the obedience competition held at the EXPO.

Below is the witness' account on her Facebook.

By her description, I can only assume that the woman is using a Prong Collar.

So, what exactly is a "Prong Collar"? 

Let's take a look.

A Prong collar

According to thefreedictionary, the definition of a "prong" is:

prong (prɔŋ, prɒŋ)

1. one of the pointed tines of a fork.
2. any pointed, projecting part, as of an antler.
3. a subdivision; fork.
4. to pierce or stab with or as if with a prong.

How does this Prong Collar work?

When the handler tightens her grip, or pull the leash, the prongs would close in and pinch the neck of the dog, causing it much pain and discomfort. (I think I have been kind enough to use the word "pinch" instead of "stab")

This is what damage a Prong Collar could do to a dog's sensitive neck.

Whoever invented this thing is such a (enter expletive here)!

I often wonder what's the purpose of such obedience competition? Is it for the well being of the dog or "glory" for the trainer/owner/handler when they win medals?

I am not a pro in dog training but I feel training sessions should be a fun bonding session with the dog. If it only instil fear and pain to the animal, then what is the point? Why would someone want to make their dog fear them?

You can see from the video that the woman keeps yanking on the collar and she is anything but gentle!

I applaud the witness, Drey Drey Yeo, for taking this video. It's high time to bring the plight of dogs taking part in the obedience ring to light.

I am surprised, however, that many commenting on the video are blaming her for taking the video instead of confronting the woman.

Yes, maybe the trainer would stop if Drey Drey Yeo confronted her but who is to know that she will not move elsewhere to a secluded spot to continue doing what she is doing when backs are turned?

If Drey Drey Yeo did not video this, there will be no concrete evidence and this problem would not have surfaced. Has this video not turned viral on Facebook? Hasn't it got more people paying attention to this case?

This is what I call creating awareness.

And take a look at this exchange between Drey Drey Yeo and the woman.

I am pretty sure the woman knows there is something wrong with her training methods otherwise, why would she say that "you will get us all into trouble"?

Notice she said "US ALL"? Does that mean there are more handlers like her out there using the same awful training methods?

This is why, we must create the awareness that the use of such training aid is cruel and inhumane.

Perhaps we cannot stop them ALL but at least we can show them that there will always be eyes watching their every move and hopefully deters them from using the Prong Collar on their dogs.

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