KL-Styled Wanton Mee @ Jurong Point Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysia Boleh! is a themed foodcourt located at the new wing of Jurong Point Shopping Mall (beside Ding Tai Fung) selling renowned Malaysian delicacies like Klang Bak Kut Teh, Penang Laksa, Ipoh Nga Choi Gai (Bean Sprouts Chicken), Petaling Street Claypot Chicken Rice, KL Wanton Mee, etc.

Opened since 2012, I have always wanted try the food here but was put off by the horrendous crowd each time I was there.

Try to avoid peak hours if you can or at least bring a friend along so one could chope a table while the other queue for the food.

I decided to drop by an hour before the lunch time crowd arrive and there's plenty of seats to choose from.

The interior is renovated to resemble the olden days when hawkers peddle their food in the streets with the stalls designed as push carts. If you have been to Malaysian Food Street at RWS, you would understand what I am talking about.

The push cart stall

Before coming, I already knew that I wanted to try the KL-styled Wanton Mee so I made a beeline for the stall straightaway.

Since I was early, there were no other customers before me therefore I could place my order immediately.

I like how the noodles were served in this very old school porcelain plate. My house used to have them too but I wonder what happened to them now?

Such nostalgia!

KL Ding Ji Wanton Mee

My Wanton Mee comes with slices of char siew, kailan and pork lard underneath the noodles. On the side is a bowl of soup with three boiled wantons.

The noodles were al dente and quite a pleasant to bite into without the kee (alkaline) smell. They were tossed (messily) in a concoction of black sauce that's both savory and sweet.

Personally, I find the sweetness a little too overwhelming.

As for the char siew, they were very lean with no trace of fats which makes it very... uninspiring. I like my char siew caramelized on the outside, with bits of fat.

The wanton, on the other hand, is mildly marinated without robbing the natural taste of the minced pork. I wished there were more wantons though.

I heard the people running this stall went all the way to KL just to learn how to make the KL-styled Wanton Mee from a master.

If Ding Ji Wanton Mee is a true representation of KL-styled Wanton Mee, then I regret to say that I am not quite a fan. 

Perhaps it was just a bad day that the sauce went off standard and I got char siew that were not to my liking.

At $3.50, I would have been much happier if there were more pieces of fatty char siew and wantons.

The Verdict?

Jurong Point 2
1 Jurong West Central 2
Singapore 648886

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun: 10am - 10pm

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/PDvmv
GPS Coordinates: 1.340972,103.706235

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