Galicier Confectionery @ Tiong Bahru

If you are in the vicinity of Tiong Bahru, do not give this old-school confectionery a miss. While the nondescript shopfront does not say much about it's offerings, it is in fact, a treasure trove filled with a good variety of nonya kuehs.

Auntie Jenny, the lady behind the counter is very helpful with suggestions on what I could buy as I was overwhelmed by the mere sight of these delectable kuehs in front of me.

I cannot help but wished I could have a bite of everything!

Well, who wouldn't? Everyone would be spoilt for choice here at Galicier.

Kueh Dar Dar $0.70 each

The Kueh Dar Dar is one of Galicier's best-seller!

At first glance, there might not be anything unusual about it but take one bite and you would see the white grated coconut that's concealed within the pastel green crepe.

Unlike others whose grated coconut are stained a dark brown through the liberal use of gula melaka (Palm Sugar), Galicier flavors theirs with rock sugar which allows the natural flavor of the coconut to shine through as well as retaining the pristine white color of its flesh.

This Kueh Dar Dar is not overly sweet and definitely a crowd pleaser.

Not your usual Ondeh-Ondeh $0.60 each

The Ondeh Ondeh here is not without it's own element of surprise. Instead of infusing their dough with pandan extract, Galicier added sweet potato to their Ondeh Ondeh dough which renders the exterior a lovely golden hue instead of the usual green.

What I enjoy most when having this popular snack is when the molten gula melaka burst through the confines of the dough and starts oozing all over my tongue.

This is one of the best Ondeh Ondeh I have ever had. The skin is soft and chewy yet not too thick. The fragrance of the gula melaka tastes really good while the added sesame seeds enhanced the overall flavor and perhaps, provided some crunch.

Other than the good taste, what delights me most was that all their kuehs were individually wrapped in a piece of wrapper and arranged neatly in straight rows on the tray.

Such meticulous attitude tells me that Galicier takes great pride in their own kueh.

Tell me what's there not to like about when the people behind it devote such thoughtfulness and heart in making their kuehs?

Coconut Tart $0.80 cents

Galicier Confectionery is located along the row of old shophouse near the overhead bridge opposite Link Hotel. They have another branch at Serangoon Central Drive which specializes more on cakes.

If you know where Tiong Bahru Bakery is, cut through it (if you are coming from Tiong Bahru Market direction) and head towards the bus-stop in front of Blk 55. Galicier is just further down.

Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 160055
Telephone: 6324 1686

Google Map:
GPS Coordinates: 1.284462,103.834172

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instagram: thedeadcockroach