河川生态园 Singapore River Safari 2014

I have been wanting to visit the Singapore River Safari ever since it opened its door a year ago. However, not all of the exhibits were complete hence, I decided to put off my visit till they are fully ready.

The park was finally completed last December and I feel the time for my visit has come.

While looking for information on the Wildlife Reserves website, I discovered that Singaporeans and PRs enjoy free admission to all of WRS parks during their birthdays!

What better timing to take advantage of this offer as my birthday is just approaching?

The Singapore River Safari - Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park - consist of two zones.

The first zone, aptly named "Rivers Of The World" features some of the most iconic rivers from around the world: Mississippi River, Congo River, River Nile, Ganges River, Murray River, Mekong River and the Yangtze River.

On the other hand, the "Wild Amazonia" zone consists of Amazon River Quest (boat ride), Squirrel Monkey Forest and Amazon Flooded Forest.

The park had it's soft launch on April 2013 last year but because the "Wild Amazonia" zone was not ready then, ticket prices were sold at a discounted rate of $25 for adults, $16 for kids (3 - 12 years old) and $12.50 for senior citizens (above 60 years old).

Construction of the Wild Amazonia zone was only completed in December 2013 and the Amazon River Quest boat ride (I have been looking forward to this!) is complimentary during the trial run period for the last three months.

The boat ride is now chargeable at $5 for adults and $3 for kids (senior citizens ride free) after their official grand opening officiated by PM Lee Hsien Loong on February 28 2014.

Without much further ado, let our journey begin!

Mississippi River: Red-Eared Slider

Mississippi River: Alligator Gar

Mississippi River: Paddlefish

Congo River: African Dwarf Crocodile

Congo River: Freshwater Giant Puffer

Ganges River: Indian Gharial

This pair of Indian Gharial are massive!

Mekong River: Crab-eating Macaque

Mekong River: Mekong Giant Catfish

Mekong River: Freshwater Giant Stingray

Mekong River: Lesser Adjutant Stork

Yangtze River: Chinese Alligator

I did not take any photos for River Nile and Murray River due to inadequate lighting and my digicam is no match for fast moving creatures.

After "Rivers Of The World", we reached the "Giant Panda Forest"!

The "Giant Panda Forest" exhibit is housed in a bio-dome kept at a cool 18 - 22 degree Celsius.

The air-con provided some much needed relief from the outside heat.

Stepping inside the dome, I realize it wasn't as large as I had pictured it to be from the photographs I had seen online. I also did not know that the two Pandas were kept in separate enclosures.

Despite that, I do like the landscaping which looked quite natural.

This is Jia Jia, the female Panda

I have heard that Jia Jia is quite reserved and tend to hide in her den most of the time. A CCTV was thus installed in her den so visitors could see her through the monitor.

It must be my lucky day that day because she was out and about walking around in circles in her enclosure!

And this is Kai Kai, the male!

Another shot of Kai Kai chilling on the platform

Aren't Pandas cute? 

Don't you have the urge to hug them?


The Red Panda

While in the Giant Panda exhibit, I see several staff hanging placard around their necks, reminding visitors not to use flash photography and not to talk loudly but sadly, there are people who are not able to follow simple house rules.


Exiting from the "Giant Panda Forest", I walked through the giftshop and "Mama Panda Kitchen" came into sight.

This Panda-themed restaurant offers Szechuan cuisine fast-food styled. I do not usually patronize food establishments in tourist attractions due to the hefty price tag that comes with it but I had already planned to try the Panda Pau after seeing it on instagram.

The queue

The menu

I ordered a Panda bun ($2.90) which comes in a bamboo steamer and a soft drink ($3.80) with a souvenir tumbler. The cashier gave me a complimentary grape ice cream for my birthday. #gratitude

The Panda bun is available in either red bean paste or chocolate custard. I picked the latter.

This was what I posted on my Instagram

Although the bun looked appealing visually, it is quite lacking in terms of taste. The texture of the pau is soft and fluffy but the chocolate is a little bland. I suggest they can be a little more generous with the filling.

A corner of Panda Mama Kitchen is set aside for kids with these Panda chairs

Done with my bun, I walked across the scenic bridge to the "Wild Amazonia" zone for my Amazon River Quest boat ride.

Remember to book your timeslot (and collect the white slip) when buying your tickets at the ticketing counter!

Love the rays shining through the clouds above Upper Seletar Reservoir

The 483 meter-long "Amazon River Quest" boat ride is designed to simulate an open-top boat voyage down a winding channel that allows visitors to come face-to-face with the animal species that live by the river.

Be prepared for the three rapids which you would encounter during the ride. The boat will make a nose-dive down but other than a few splashes, there is nothing risky about it.

Amazon River Quest

It is quite a fun experience although you really had to keep your eyes open to look out for the animals blended in with their surroundings.

The 8 minute ride should be quite a hit with kids as can be heard by their excitement in the video above.

The "Squirrel Monkey Forest" is located along the way between the "Amazon River Quest" and "Amazon Flooded Forest".

The Squirrel Monkeys are free-ranging but non of them came down from the trees above hence I was unable to get a closer look at them.

Loved this Silver Arowana pool near the Squirrel Monkey enclosure!

You mad bro?

Now you know why I would not buy anything from tourist attractions if I could help it?

Unfortunately, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I succumbed to the lure of thirst and handed over $6 for two bottles of soft drink and $2 for a bottle of Dasani (which costs only $0.40 at the supermarket).

That's 400% profits!


It would be wonderful if WRS could install water coolers at all their parks! But then again, nobody would pay $2 for a $0.40 bottle of mineral water if they did. Right?

Next, we came to the last exhibit of River Safari which is the "Amazon Flooded Forest".

Amazon Flooded Forest: Giant Otter

Giant Otter

Amazon Flooded Forest: Red Bellied Pirahnas

Amazon Flooded Forest: Altum tank!

Amazon Flooded Forest: Full view of the submerged tank

Do you know that the Amazon Forest can be flooded for up to six months?

This exhibit is designed to resemble how the real Amazon would actually look like while submerged in water (which explains the tree trunks) during rainy season.

Amazon Flooded Forest: Araipaima

Amazon Flooded Forest: Manatee

The Manatees are so incredibly graceful in the water and mesmerizing to watch. It is no wonder that sailors used to think they were mermaids!
This tank was built in such a way that you could view the Manatees from the top level, mid level and full view.

Top level

Mid level

The River Safari is not too big and quite easy to navigate as the exhibits are arranged to make one loop around the park which I was able to complete in three hours.

The park is entirely sheltered from the elements and wheelchair/baby stroller friendly.

Stay tuned for part two as I went over next door to the Singapore Zoo!

they are so incredibly graceful in the water and mesmerising to watch.  It's no wonder sailors used to think they were mermaids. - See more at: http://www.expatadventuresinsingapore.com/2013/07/river-safari-singapore-zoo.html#sthash.IjoNmG4i.dpuf
they are so incredibly graceful in the water and mesmerising to watch.  It's no wonder sailors used to think they were mermaids. - See more at: http://www.expatadventuresinsingapore.com/2013/07/river-safari-singapore-zoo.html#sthash.IjoNmG4i.dpuf
they are so incredibly graceful in the water and mesmerising to watch.  It's no wonder sailors used to think they were mermaids. - See more at: http://www.expatadventuresinsingapore.com/2013/07/river-safari-singapore-zoo.html#sthash.IjoNmG4i.dpuf
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826

Telephone: 6269 3411
Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm daily
infocounter. zoo@wrs.com.sg 
Website: http://www.riversafari.com.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wrs.sg

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