Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop From Yilmaz Western @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 6

Fish & Chips $5.50

A few months ago, I visited Yilmaz Western intending to try the Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop but as it was not ready yet, I had the Fish & Chips instead.

I told myself that somehow, I must return for the Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop and that opportunity came just a couple of days before Christmas when my parents and I happened to be around the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio. 

I ordered a Fish & Chips for the folks to try and a Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop for myself.

As mentioned in the previous post, I am most impressed by the generous portion and the economical pricing.

The Fish & Chips scored rather well with my folks but just how did the Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop fare?

I am sure many of you have tried Grilled Chicken Chop before but to have it served sizzling hot on a hotplate is something new to me.

The hotplate came to the table smoking hot with the sauce bubbling ferociously. As usual, I began taking pictures until the bubbling stopped.

The grilled chicken was sitting atop a portion of thick-cut fries and drenched in black pepper sauce served with a scoop of mashed potato, broccoli and sweetcorn on the side.

Hotplate Grilled Chicken Chop $6

Yilmaz Western's choice of greens for the grilled chicken is a refreshing change from the usual coleslaw.

The chicken is tender and of a sizeable portion while the fries, having absorbed the sauce tastes good on its own without chili sauce.

I think Yilmaz deserves a mention here as they are also very generous with the sauce as seen in the picture above.

Unfortunately, some of the fries at the bottom were burnt through no fault of the stall. I took up too much time taking photos of the dish that the fries has been left sizzling on the hotplate for too long.

One advise from me is to start "moving" the food around as soon as the hotplate arrive so that nothing will get burnt.

The Verdict?

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