The Accident Outside ION on Friday Night

I was at Orchard Road last Friday night (07 December 2012) taking photos of the Christmas decorations when I came across this accident.

This black car was flipped on it's back outside ION across the road from CK Tangs. By then, a patrol car was already at the scene with the police directing the traffic.

Meanwhile, this white vehicle which had it's bumper knocked off was at the junction of Orchard Road and Scotts Road.

According to the footage taken by the dashboard camera of another vehicle at the scene, it's clear that the traffic lights were in favor of the white vehicle. The black vehicle beat the red lights and knocked into the white vehicle before flipping over.

The festive season is coming but I hope merry-making people would still drive responsibly. A stupid act on your part might cause the misfortune of a family or two.

Think of your poor mother who's waiting to have dinner with you at home.

Don't be an idiot to break her heart.