Accident At Woodlands Ave 6 And 7

Yet another senseless accident that could have been prevented.

In the wee hours of 22nd December, a motorcyclist was caught beating the red light at the junction of Woodlands Ave 6 and 7 near Admiralty MRT Station.

He was going so fast that he actually mowed down a female pedestrian who has just begun walking across the road.

The impact tossed her into oncoming traffic while the motorcyclist continued on his way.

Where is he heading to in such a hurry that he did not have time to stop at the red lights?

The 20 years old male motorcyclist has been arrested while the 40 years old female pedestrian survived and is now recovering in hospital.

But what if the victim had been an elderly? I doubt the victim would have survived such an impact.

When misused, a speeding vehicle is capable of taking lives.

The motorcyclist should be tried for manslaughter and be disqualified from operating all classes of vehicles for life.

It's imperative that hell riders like him be taken off the road to ensure the safety of other road users.

Watch the footage taken by the dashboard camera of another vehicle at the scene.

*Just a word of caution for all road users: Do not let your guard down even if  the traffic light is in your favor. Always check for oncoming traffic from both sides before moving off.