Qualifications Of Men: KBS Family Choir

Among the many missions the cast of Qualifications Of Men has undertaken, my favorite  has to be the choir ones.

In the midst of training for their Triathlon episode, the cast have received their third choir mission which is to take part in the 2012 Busan Choral International Festival.

It is an international competition with teams hailing from Latvia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Philipines and Korea among others.

The theme this time round is "Family" and they have enlisted the help of Maestro Gum Nan-Se as their conductor and to pick the new choir members to join them.

Among the families turning up for the audition are celebrities including the parents of Cha Tae Hyun of My Sassy Girl fame. 

Yoonjo from Hello Venus singing Handel's Lascia ch’io pianga with her brother

Lee Joon from MBLAQ and his Mum

They looked like kids but Yerin is actually 12 years old while her brother, Minseong is 9.

The siblings have a rare medical condition called the malabsorption syndrome. Their small instestines are unable to digest the food they eat thus they have to rely on IV for nutrition. They have a needle in their chest (see the bandage) for this purpose.

There are only ten children in the world with this condition and three of them are in Korea.

In 2008, their Mum, actress Choi Jin-sil was found dead at home in an apparent suicide leaving them in the care of their grandmother and uncle. Their uncle, actor/singer Choi Jin-yeong followed her path to end his life one and a half years later.  

The children, Jun Hee and Hwan Hee are now under the care of their grandmother. They sang this song, Blessings For Christmas Time to honor their Mum's birthday which falls on December 24.

My heart goes out to their grandma. How traumatic it must be for her to discover the body of her two children hanging in their homes?

Update: The childrens' Dad was found hanging in the bathroom by his girlfriend on the morning of 06 January 2013 (link).

This girl was abandoned at the doorstep of the orphanage when she was a baby. She was later adopted by a couple who had another older adopted son.

Father and daughter team hoping to mend their relationship through the choir

Revealing the mission + meeting the conductor + audition
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 Audition + meet the members
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Ep 178 - 180 are the Tongyeong Triathlon episodes

Orientation + bonding camp

Bonding camp

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The choir members took time to visit a hospice.
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They also hosted some guests from Africa.
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Having trained with Maestro Gum Nan-Se for nearly three months, the big day has finally come but just what results will they deliver?

Part 1 of the final preparations up to full-dressed rehearsals at the venue here.

Check out Part 2 below.

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The first song is Cavalleria Rusticana, a tragic love story adapted from a play, about two men who died fighting over a woman (duh!) while the second song is a medley from The Sound Of Music.

List of songs from the medley:
1) Morning Hymn
2) The Sound Of Music
3) The Lonely Goatherd
4) My Favorite Things
5) Sixteen, Going On Seventeen
6) Do, Re, Mi
7) So Long, Farewell
8) Edelweiss
9) Maria
10) Climb Ev'ry Mountain

The Family Choir managed to clinch the Silver award while the Bronze award goes to That Acapella Group from ITE Singapore. The Gold award goes to Latvia (the women group that sings about the bee).