The Worst Is Over...

This has been a most depressing week.

Mum was hospitalized and I have been with her at the hospital for the past few days.

I feared that I would lost her for good seeing how frail and sickly she has become.

Fortunately, she was getting better after surgery and is now recuperating at home.

Recovery is still a long way but I am sure things will only get better from now on

Come this Monday, I would be starting my one week abstinence off meat as my promise to God in return for his benevolence to help Mum survive this calamity.

Like I said earlier, things will only get better... just like this cheque that just came in the mail.

Thanks, Nuffnang!

All usual blogging and RT activities should start resuming by next week. Time to catch up on those sleepless nights!

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