An Open Letter To Comfort Delgro Cab

To Whom It May Concern,

On Wednesday (May 11, 2011) afternoon, my Mum was gravely ill and at the advise of the polyclinic, I had to rush her to the A&E Department of the Singapore General Hospital immediately.

We waited for a long time by the roadside but not a single empty cab was in sight.

For the next hour (yes, that is how long we have been trying to flag for a cab), I managed to flag down three empty blue Comfort cabs at three different locations but sadly, all three drivers rejected our hire upon learning the destination.

The Comfort cabs in question were 4535, 5919 and 6536 (I could not remember their taxi prefix).

The driver of 6536, in particular, gave us a wave of his hand before stepping on the accelerator and sped off laughing.

This is disgraceful.

Your drivers' lack of compassion and sympathy seriously astounds me!

The reason why I did not book a cab earlier was because I did not expect it would take us that long just to get us one cab to the hospital.

We finally found one willing to take us within five minutes through booking.

I guess I have only myself to blame for not booking a cab instead so that your mercenary drivers could earn that extra $2.50 booking fee from me.

When we finally did get to the hospital, my Mum had to be hospitalized immediately for treatment.

I hope your drivers understand that someday, their loved ones could be in the same predicament and it would be a shame if something deplorable were to happen just because help was not rendered in time.

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