Happy Mother's Day!

Mum was digging through her cupboard when she dug out these Mother's Day cards which I have made for her during primary school.

These must have been at least 23 years old!

This card open upwards

to reveal the words below...


I guess the card above must have been done during upper primary judging from the words I wrote and based on my handwriting.

Anyone remembered those brown colored test papers with a funny smell? Here is another card made with that.

Do you see the heartshape?

It opens up on the right

I drew myself a dick and holding a 1L milk bottle. What was I thinking back then?

This is just a plain one with two heart shape cut out of colored paper

I guess this must be from lower primary due to it's simplicity. Haha!

I could not remember if this was related to Mothers' Day but I decided to post it anyway

I drew myself on my knees (with my pants down) and Mum was going to whack me with the cane in her hands. Glad I did not draw a dick this time.

That is my sister on the right mimicking our mother and gloating over my misfortune at the same time.

This was drawn on foolscap paper with Mum's lipstick if you have not already noticed. Muahahaha!

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