Pre-Mother's Day Dinner At First Thai Food Purvis Street

The Menu
With a sibling in the service industry, we would often have to accomodate his schedule which is often quite the opposite from everybody else. 

Therefore, whenever there are any birthdays or celebratory events in the family, we would often have to hold it earlier.

Our pre Mothers' Day dinner was held last Saturday at First Thai Food, a new hunt suggested by my brother.


It was my first visit there and the moment I stepped in, I immediately fell into a state of deva ju!

From the counter to the blue tiles and to the framed pictures of Thai Royalties on the walls, everything here were like an exact duplicate of the coffeeshops I had visited in Hat Yai!

Even the proprietress sitting behind the counter was dressed exactly the same.

It was like they had airlifted an entire coffeshop from Hat Yai and planted it right here in Purvis Street!

So while I was busy exploring the uncanny details of the surroundings, my brother decided on the menu for the night.

Fried Chicken
My ratings: 3/5
What could ever go wrong with fried chicken although the only Thai influence I could associate it with was the sweet chilli.

Otak Otak
My ratings: 2/5
The otak otak - a spicy fish mousse served in a receptacle made of banana leaves was very dry; and the familiar taste of an otak otak was not very distinctive either. It is quite a disappointment as I thought it looked rather decent.

Mango Salad
My ratings: 3.5/5
This lip-puckeringly sour Mango Salad was a special request from Mum who has been craving for it for the longest time. It was very, very appetising!

Tom Yum Goong
My ratings: 3.5/5
A Thai meal would not be complete without a bowl of authentic Tom Yum Goong. The soup is robust with the flavours of lemongrass, basil, chilli padi and Kaffir lime leaves. The tanginess of it will 'open' all your senses!

Anyone bothered by a blocked nose should give this a try!

Long Beans with Squid
My ratings: 3.5/5
The long beans were fried in spicy dried shrimp sambal which goes very well on rice. I managed to whallop the entire contents off this plate!

It would be perfect if only there is wok hei...

Steamed Groupa
My ratings: 2.5/5
This got to be the lightest dish of the entire meal!

I am a fan of steamed fish but somehow, this dish does not interest me much. I wonder is it because the heavy spices and herbs from the earlier dishes has numbed my tastebuds thus rendering this dish tasteless?

Seafood Fried Rice
My ratings: 3.5/5
This is good stuff! I love the big crunchy prawns!

My coconut  juice
A refreshing beverage to wash down a hot and spicy meal!


First Thai Food has little ambience, if any, to speak of and it could get pretty humid seating inside due to the lack of air-conditioning.

There are two things to take note when visiting First Thai Food:
  • They do not take reservations.
  • Cash terms only (NETS and Credit Cards are NOT accepted)
It might seemed strange but if you would be reminded, First Thai Food is in fact, a coffeeshop and not a restaurant so this may not be a issue afterall!

23 Purvis Street
Singapore 188600
Tel: 6339 3123

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