Ladies: Would Your Mother Film You Stepping Out Of The Showers Naked And Post It On The Internet For The World To See?

Apparently, Gan Lu Lu's (干露露) Mum did.

The elderly lady made headlines recently for her bizzare actions.

At that time, I was baffled why would a mother resort to such extreme measures just to find her daughter a suitor?

Then, I found out that Gan Lu Lu is an actress/model in China.

She is the actress playing the role of the teacher (王老师) in Feng Xiaogang's disaster movie Aftershock.

With this piece of info, everything makes sense now.

Recently, both Mum and daughter went on a program and something unexpected happened.

"What is the meaning of this!"

This was what happened during the filming of a program where the mother starts yelling and attacking her daughter who were both featured guests on a China talkshow "Lady Gua Gua".

It was not known what triggered this tirade of abuse but it is kind of amusing to watch.

Pay close attention to 0:06 ~ 0:07.
Lulu: My Mum hits me because she loves me *flicks hair*
Mum: HA! *shoves Lulu*

In my opinion, this (the naked scandal and this fight in the studio) could all very well be staged to increase her exposure.

What do you think?

Check her out on her Facebook, Blog and Weibo.

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