General Elections 2011 Nomination Day

With the forthcoming General Elections, one could really sense the tension building up in their respective neighborhood.

Today was Nomination Day for the interested parties to register themselves as candidates to contest for a seat in parliament.

Since early morning, people from the ruling party PAP have been sighted around the neighborhood. They are easily recognised by their white uniform.

PAP supporters busy hanging up portraits of their candidates

Do you see Hsien Loong waving to you from behind the truck?

Another truck nearby ready to move out...

The white PAP truck only appears once every five years

See it in action below...

And here is the NSP truck.

The men in trucks have been going round putting up posters like these everywhere!

South View Primary School is one of the Nomination Centre so there are alot of action taking place inside the school.

CCK's current MP, Mr Gan Kim Yong was seen here outside the school with some of his supporters.

Mr Gan accompanied by his "am pai"

The opposition party NSP (National Solidarity Party) is contesting against PAP for CCK GRC

Tight security

Spot the "am pai"

Nomination ends at 12 noon. PAP supporters were seen here leaving the school premises.

PAP supporters leaving the Nomination Centre

PAP's “庄脚”?

Who is your favorite dream team?

Come this 7th of May 2011, who will you vote for to take care of you for the next five years?

With 82 out of 87 seats contested, the battle against the ruling party is going to get pretty interesting.

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