The Smurfs - Not The Movie

What is blue, three apples tall, lives in Mushroom houses and sings La La La La La all day?

The answer is a no brainer.

If you have not already guessed, it is The Smurfs!

The Smurfs was one of the earliest cartoon that I grew up watching together with my siblings as a kid. We would be glued in front of the TV every Sunday morning waiting for the show to start and as soon as the theme song starts playing, we would sing along with it.

Don't you find cartoons from the 1980s so much better compared to the ones today? He-Man, Bravestar, Transformers, MASK, Carebears and the likes?

Those were indeed the happier times of my childhood.

Watch the episode on The Purple Smurfs here.

Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation has released a CGI/live action feature film this year based upon the pint-sized blue creatures from the comic and television series of the same name. Whilst I was excited about a Smurf movie being made, the creepy looking CGI-ed Smurfs reminded me of a scary Gnome more than anything else!

Anyway, I am not going to talk about the Smurfs movie but my Smurfs stickerbook which I had dug out from the storeroom a while ago.

My Smurfs stickerbook
If memory does not fail me, I have had this stickerbook since 1986. That is twenty nine long years! It is probably older than some of you reading this right now!

It is a shame that I failed to complete collecting all the stickers then.

Did you know that originally, there were only ninety-nine male Smurfs living in the village? Smurfette, the love interest of all the male Smurfs was actually created by Gargamel (with a little magic potion) who sent her to stir jealousy among the male Smurfs and cause trouble in the village?

You can read up more about Smurfette here.


Badly stitched (click image to enlarge)

How I wish they could bring the old cartoons from the 1980s back on Sunday mornings!

The nostalgia!

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