The Bunny Is Out Of The Bag

And the truth is that... we have all been had.

NO real bunnies were involved in this contest organised by Downtown East. The ten 'bunny' prizes that have caused such an uproar were actually chocolate bunny hampers!

But, who would have known when queries to them went unanswered? When no one comes out to clear the air, people are bound to speculate! (and I think that is exactly what they were hoping for!)

Of course!  

Bad publicity is STILL publicity!

So, this promotion is a partnership with HRSS?

Does this imply that HRSS knew about this since day one? Even after we reported to them about our concerns, they made no effort to allay our worries but to let us continue fretting and getting upset over it? 


So that we will continue making 'noise' and create more publicity for them?

How dense could we get? They are making use of our compassion to their own benefits and we are playing right into their hands!

I felt like a moron here.

I have spent many hours drafting the letter, keeping vigil by my email waiting for replies (that never came)  and... and... all these for nothing?

Have I been a nosey parker poking my nose where it should not have been?

The next time something like this comes up again, do I make a report or do I turn a blind eye to it? 

How would I know if it is not another stupid marketing gimmick that is out to make a fool of me again?

Serves me right! 

Mock at me all you want. No one asks me to be a whistle blower anyway.

Perhaps, the next time I should just let the Singaporean trait in me take over and mind my own fucking business.

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