Jubilee Weekend Part 3: Artscience Museum

And so, we have come to the second day of the Jubilee long weekend.

I couldn't get over the fact that I didn't manage to visit the Artscience Museum the day before, henceforth, I returned to join the queue for the second consecutive day.

To be honest, I did not expect that there would be such a long queue on the first day. After all, I don't think many people would like to visit the museums which can be such a boring place. I believe that morning's ComChest Heartstrings Walk participants contributed quite a bit to the length of the queue after their event ended

I guess the onus is on myself to find out if there's any other activities happening at the same time, same area when I decided to visit a place.

Despite me setting off for the museum an hour earlier than the day before, the waiting time is 1 hour. The previous day's queue, though longer, was only a 45 minutes wait.

The much coveted tickets!

If you think the queue is over once you enter Artscience Museum, you couldn't be more wrong. There's more queuing to be done outside the individual exhibition hall as they only allow visitors in by the batches.

I figured out that the Dreamworks Animation: The Exhibition is going to be the more popular one (and therefore the most crowded) hence, I decided to visit it first.

Resin cast of the Pharaoh from The Prince of Egypt





Resin cast of Po from Kungfu Panda





Evolution sketches of the characters in Kungfu Panda

The curse of the were-rabbit

Wallace & Gromit

Chicken Run

Basic shapes of the Madagascar characters

Shrek's swamp

Far Far Away Castle

Dragon Flight

This is the highlight of the entire exhibition! Take a four-minute virtual ride on the back of Toothless as he fly around the Isle of Berk, giving us a panoramic view of the island projected on a curved screen. I queued for this four times!

I visited The Deep next and yes, more queuing before entering the exhibition hall.

The Deep showcases a collection of the weirdest-looking life-forms found only in the deepest depths of the ocean. 

I have absolutely no desire to come anywhere near this Goblin Shark.

It is extremely challenging trying to take photos under low light conditions and in a crowded area. I guess that is the price one have to pay for free entry into the museum. I am sure the experience would be a better one if we come back another day without having so many people to jostle around.

Stay tuned for part 4 of my Jubilee weekend!

The Dreamworks Animation: The Exhibition ends on 27 September 2015 while The  Deep ends 27 October 2015.

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