Jubilee Weekend Part 1

Last Friday was the beginning of our SG50 long weekend and there were a host of activities available for Singaporeans to keep themselves busy with.

For one, the Artscience Museum is offering free entry for Singaporeans to it's exhibitions "The Deep", "Dreamworks Animation: The Exhibition" and "Singapore STories: Then, Now, Tomorrow".

The exhibitions have been running for quite some time now but I only found out about it recently. I am particularly interested in The Deep and Dreamworks exhibition. Luckily, I was able to coincide my visit with the free entry day and save some money off the admission prices.

Cat. 4
The Deep
Cat. 2
Cat. 1
All Access
Senior Citizen (above 65 yrs old)
Child (2 to 12 yrs old)
Local Adult
Local Senior Citizen (above 65 yrs old)
Local Child (2 to 12 yrs old)

I managed to reach a little after 10am (their opening hours) but was startled to see a queue already stretching from the entrance of the Artscience Museum all the way to the rain oculus (aka wishing well) at Marina Bay Sands.

Put off by the snaking queue, I decided to skip the museum and thought hard for a contingency plan. I recalled about the Black Knights aerial performance at noon over the MBS airspace so I hang around a little more.

I seek out a spot overlooking the Merlion Park and waited with bated breathe. Unfortunately, as soon as noon arrived, it started drizzling much to everyone's dismay. The spectators around me began putting on their ponchos and opening their umbrellas.

As I had nothing to shield my camera from the rain, I hid it under my shirt.

"Man, these people came fully prepared", I thought to myself.

I held on to my spot, determined not to let a tiny rain dampen my spirits from catching the Black Knights in action.

Most of the people started running for cover but, the Caucasian family beside me and I remain rooted to the ground.

A few times, we heard what sounded like fighter planes overhead but when we look up, all we saw were either birds or a stray helium balloon disappearing into the gloomy weather.

Very soon, the drizzle advanced into a heavy downpour and we had no choice but to retreat into the building completely drenched.

"Is the show still on?", the Caucasian father asked when he saw me checking Facebook. I could not give him an answer as there were no updates from the RSAF.

Disheartened that I did not accomplish anything that I sought to do that Jubilee morning, I decided to head to Bugis for the lego exhibition at Central Library since it's only one station away from where I was via the Downtown Line.

"My day can't possibly get any worser than it already is right?", I muttered to myself but when I arrive at my destination, I was stunned like vegetable.

How will the first day of my Jubilee weekend turn out? Find out in my next post!

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