Jubilee Weekend Part 2: The Little Red Brick Show (SG50 Edition)

Continuing from my previous post, after wasting the first half of my Friday at MBS doing nothing other than getting drenched in the rain, I arrived at the Central Library at Bugis to attend a LEGO showcase only to find the library closed!

I was on the verge of killing someone when I noticed that the showcase is not held inside the library but at the foyer outside it instead.

Heaving a sign of relief, I made my way towards the crowd to understand what the showcase is all about. 

Since it is our Golden Jubilee year, the talented builders from the Singapore AFOL community have built 50 exhibits all relating to a piece of Singapore history.

Way before the age of PS2 , we have the Game&Watch handheld game. I used to have this when I was young but my Dad threw it out of the door and it broke to smithereens because my siblings and I were literally fighting over it. I guess all that crying and screaming pisses him off on his only day off.

The first Japanese character I know is not Doraemon but Astro Boy. Astro Boy is also the first manga I picked up from the Mama shop.

Can you recognise the iconic red bricks of this structure? It is the old National Library at Stamford Road. I don't have alot of memories with this library because I don't frequent it although I do passes by it on the bus countless times. The library was built in 1960 but demolished in 2005 to give way to the construction of the Fort Canning Tunnel.

I guess I am more familiar with the hawker centre under the big tree with the famous Wanton Mee beside the library.

Who can forget the Hello Kitty craze at McDonald's in Y2K?

At the wayang show.

The performers preparing backstage.

The musicians playing by the side of the stage.

People from all walks of life queuing at the Parliament House to pay their last respects to our Founding Prime Minister when he passed away in March this year.


Playground of yesteryear.

Watermelon playground.

Cavenagh Bridge is one of the oldest, and the only suspension bridge in Singapore that was built during the Colonial times.

Boat Quay Hawker Centre with Cavenagh Bridge in the background.

Old school bus stop.

The old SBS bus. I used to take SBS #14 from Orchard Road to East Coast Park. It was such a long journey.

The new SBS bus.

Singapore's financial centre by the Singapore River.

Conservation shophouses along Koon Seng Road.

The unmistakable spiral staircase is a feature of the Tiong Bahru flats built by SIT (Singapore Improvement Trust), a government body administered by the British colonial authority, to provide for mass public housing in Singapore.

This sending off ceremony at the old CMPB at Dempsey Hill in 1972 is one of my favorite. 

Boys enlisted into National Service loading up the 3-tonner which will bring them to their designated camps.

Bidding farewell to their loved ones.

The SOC (Standard Obstacle Course) is another of my favorite.

The SOC really bring back many memories for me. The low wall is my nemisis (I can never climb over it) but I love the jacob's ladder! 

Not only is the old school radio, calendar and tingkat made of LEGO bricks, even the Gem biscuits too! I'm impressed!

I have to say that this showcase really brings back a lot of memories for me. I would have loved to stay a little longer but my clothes are getting stinky from the morning rain and it's giving me a slight headache. This marks the end of the first day of my Jubilee weekend.

Stay tuned for part 3 of my Jubilee weekend and see what I'm up to.

The Little Red Brick Show ends this coming weekend 28 August 2015. Admission is free.

View more photos here.

The Little Red Brick Show (SG50 Edition)
National Library Building, Level 1
100 Victoria Street
Singapore 188064

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