That Sucking Device

I'm talking about the vacuum cleaners I had at home, that is.

Seriously, I wonder what's going on in the minds of the people who design my vacuum cleaners because I'll always fly into a rage while using them.

To be honest, they are quite pretty to look at but when I started using them, they drive me up the wall.

Ok, perhaps not all vacuum cleaners are like that but the last two I had pisses me off no end!

The previous one was a 'branded' wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Germany.

The motor was located on top under the lid while the container below was for the water and dirt.

However, for the few years that I had it, I hardly use the wet vacuum at all, often preferring to use the mop for any spills.

Hence, without the weight of water to hold the bottom down, the top-heavy design is prone to topple over whenever I tug just that wee bit harder.

Once toppled, it would let out the most annoying ear-piercing scream and refuse to suck anymore.

I had to switch off the power, pull off the heavy lid to re-adjust the suction inlet before it would do its job properly again.

Unfortunately, the complain doesn't stop there.

The power cable was way too short to reach the other end (diagonally) of the room and the most absurd thing about it was the un-retractable cable! Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't all vacuum cleaners come with retractable cables?

One might question why do I still buy it if the design is so flawed? Well, the truth is, I was not the one who bought the vacuum cleaner. My folks did and it was at the recommendation of the sales staff.

I should have gone with them so they would not be duped into paying for a 'premium' brand vacuum cleaner but then, how would you discover the flaws until you have really started using it?

While choosing a vacuum cleaner at the electrical store, one would probably be concerned about the suction, the noise generated and perhaps the power consumption. How many would actually pay attention to the length of the cable or if it would topple over easily? (now I would, lah!)

As for the current vacuum cleaner which I have now, it has excellent noise reduction and suction control varying from light to heavy duty.

Unfortunately, the output of hot air is designed to flow upwards such that whenever I'm vacuuming the floor, I will turn into Marilyn Monroe.

Good thing is, the power cable is long enough to reach the other end of the room so no more huffing and puffing just to reach that bit more but most importantly, the cable is retractable when not in use. (wow, like finally!)

However, when the cable gets under the wheels, this bimbo of a vacuum cleaner would remain stuck on the spot and no amount of tugging would pull the wheels over the cable till I go to her rescue.

Electrical appliances are supposed to help ease our workload and make our lives easier but it seems they are giving me more work instead and making my blood go upstairs.

Now, that truly sucks!