Urgent: Funds Appeal For 38 Rabbits After Caregiver Dies

If you have paid due attention to the news, you would have learned about the unfortunate case of Ms Pauline Chin - owner of a makeshift shelter at Farmart - who was found dead in her shop in an apparent asthma attack.

She has left behind hundreds of caged animals in her shelter including rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and dogs.

According to the other tenants at Farmart, the animals had been abandoned outside Ms Chin's shop thus she had no other alternative except to take in all of them.

Although the dogs have already been claimed back by their owners, the remaining 38 rabbits, 4 guinea pigs and 50 cats are still in dire need of help.

The moment news about the plight of the animals got out, local animal welfare groups began springing into action.

The rabbits and guinea pigs had been taken in by the HRSS (House Rabbit Society Singapore) while the cats are in good hands with the CWS (Cat Welfare Society).

Despite that, there is only so much the societies can do due to a lack of fundings and resources as the people running them are basically volunteers.

This Facebook page is dedicated to the rescue of the Farmart rabbits where updates about the rabbits and receipts of donations will be released for transparency.

As most of these rabbits are showing signs of distress, they will not be put up for adoption yet till they are well enough to go to good homes. (You could, however, adopt those from the HRSS adoption gallery so these Farmart rabbits could fill up the space vacanted by these current ones at the fosterer's place)

Please help to raise awareness by sharing the plight of these rabbits so that they could get the help they so desperately need:
a. DONATIONS towards the medical treatment, daily supplies (hay and pellets), sheltering and sterilisation of 37 rabbits and 4 guinea pigs
b. FOSTERING of the animals (commitment of 6 months and experience in rabbit care preferred as most of the animals are unwell, e.g. scabies)

We hope to raise a minimum sum of $10,000. Here are some approximate costs for your reference:

a. Treatment of scabies: $50 per rabbit
b. Sterilisation: $100 per male rabbit, $150 per female rabbit

To offer your help, please contact us at any of the following:

a. Facebook private message
b. Email: farmartrescue@gmail.com
c. Phone: 90425181
No amount is too small as many a mickle makes a muckle. If you are unable to help out with monetary donations, then perhaps you could help to share this page so that someone you know might be able to?

Let the ripple effect begin.

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