Looking For My Childhood Sweetheart...

I vaguely recall that I was in second grade when we first met at the Mamak store near my house.

Unlike her friends who were clamoring for my attention, she was a little more reserved and kept to herself most of the time.

She was petite and sweet - just the type I like.

In the days that followed, whenever I visit the store, she would always be there at a corner, stealing glances at me.

I never quite catch her name but that is how we started seeing each other for the next two years until I moved to another town in fourth grade.

There wasn't any time for goodbyes and that was how our shortlived romance ended.

Through the years, I never once stopped thinking about her. Instead, my desire for her grew stronger and I finally made a trip back to my old neighbohood in search of her but alas, the Mamak stall was no longer around.

Where do I start looking when I do not even know her name? During the short few years we had known, I had always teased her with this nickname 'the indian donut from the Mamak stall'.

How I missed those days when Dad would bring me to the Mamak stall to buy me a Indian donut on my way to school. Although there are many choices (eg, kuih dadar, curry puff, etc), I would always skip over the others and pick my favorite Indian donut without fail.

"Why do you always choose this? Don't you want to try something else?" Dad asked to which I would always shake my head in reply.

After our move, I have never seen this Indian donut being sold anywhere else.

It wasn't until recently that I learnt my "Indian donut from the Mamak stall" is not a donut at all.


Although my sweetheart was alot smaller than the other normal donuts, I have never thought anything was amiss!

You mean she has been cheating on me all these years? If she isn't a donut, then what is she?

Why is she disguising herself as a donut if she isn't a donut? And if she isn't an Indian donut, why is she hiding away in a Mamak stall?

Have you seen my sweetheart? I have been looking high and low all over for her to no avail.


Do you know who is my childhood sweetheart?

  • My dad used to buy her for me from the Mamak stall.
  • She looks like a donut but I was told that she is not a donut although she is also coated with sugar.
  • She is much smaller than your regular donut and is made of sweet potato.