Gracious? Kindness? You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

One Saturday, I decided that I should stay away from the computer for a while so, I went to the MacDonald's along Bukit Timah for some me-time.

With my food balancing on the tray, I scanned around the restaurant but was annoyed to find not one single table available.

Near the entrance, a guy with a cup of coffee was occupying a four-seater. Seated on one chair, he had his bag sitting on another while his newspapers were spread upon two tables.

I glanced the other way to find a girl seating on a two-seater alone surfing on her laptop.

There were many more seats occupied by hardworking students revising their school work.

I walked further in and nearly had the tray knocked off my hands by a kid running down the aisle while the guardian looked on nonchalently.

Shaking my head in disapproval, I finally found myself a seat nestled between two families - a Chinese family on my left and an Indian family on my right.

As I unwrap my burger, I noticed the Chinese mum giving her older kid a spelling test while the dad was helping the younger one with her coloring.

The Indian family on the other hand, had already finished their food but were still chatting among themselves.

It is a weekend and the restaurant was extremely crowded. There are many people like me who had just bought their food and needed a table but regrettably, most were occupied by people who simply choose to turn a blind eye and refused to vacant their seats.

Their selfishness and inconsideration appalled me.

If you want to read the newspapers, PLEASE GO HOME!
If you want to give your kids tuition, PLEASE GO HOME!
If you want to surf the internet, PLEASE GO HOME!
If you want to chit chat, PLEASE GO HOME!

Kindly give up your table to those who need it more than you. Don't be a table hogger.

Be considerate!

Don't kill Singa!