Make It Right For A Better Ride

Giving up space to another makes for a pleasant ride

Being a frequent public transport commuter, I do have my fair share of grouses and horror tales (of inconsiderate behavior) to tell.

However, among all the annoying traits that I have come across on the train, nothing irritates me more than having someone reading the newspapers near me!

I understand that you might want to catch up on the latest news but while doing so, do spare a thought for this poor bloke standing in front of you! It is crowded enough so do not take up even more space with your newspapers!

I am not Neo; do not make me do the matrix everytime time you flip a page, can?

It is uncomfortable enough as it is having bodily contact with sweaty people during peak hours, yet I still have to put up with you shoving newspapers into my face?

Won't you find that infuriating if you were me?

Another frightening scenario that could happen on a public transport is this:


Exhibiting such anti-social behavior in a bus full of passengers is totally uncalled for!

Please show some respect for yourself and the person sitting next to you.

It can be so frightening to sit beside someone fondling his feet and then using the same fingers to scrap bits of food stuck between his teeth!

Goodness gracious me!

Show a little consideration (and COMMON-SENSE please!) to make the ride a little more bearable for others.

I firmly believe that parents play a vital role in cultivating acceptable societal norms in their kids.

As they say, children are a reflection of their parents thus, there is no better role models than them.

Start instilling the correct values to your kids from young and being gracious will just come naturally.

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