Burger King Discriminates NS Men?

 I was at Burger King's Facbook page and came across this allegation by "BusNo64" made against it's Filipino store manager at their Tampines North Community Centre outlet.

WARNING: Coarse language used here

my niece is working as a part-time crew on weekends in burgerking tampinese north cc outlet.....dis is wat she told me dis morning while havin lunch with her family.....

BK employs lots of fucking pinoys and there is one particular fucking male pinoy shift mgr at her outlet who is damn kuailan and cheehong...always try to get fresh with the female crew members.....yesterday there is this open mobilisation, and one the male crew member was affected...so he inform dis fucking pinoy shift mgr that he got to report back to camp...KNN the fucking pinoy then chastise him for not giving him notice earlier...the make crew member then told him he did inform the restaurant mgr last month about it....the fucking pinoy shift mgr then borpian let him go...afterwards, dis fucking pinoy shift mgr was heard telling other staffs that employing male sinkie crew can be very troublesome as they need to go for army duties...best not to employ them......my niece was veri mad and told the pinoy mgr dat national service is compulsory and all male citizens need to do their duty...but guess wat the pinoy shift mgr say to her ???

"I am now also a singapore citizen, but i no need to do any national service...so no big deal right? "

my niece hear oredi damn tulan but since she is planning on quitting after CNY, so she did not argue further....

KNNBCCB, why we give this kind of fucking pinoy foreigner bastard citizenship without any NS??????

[via BusNo64 Sammyboy Forum]

Three days later, Burger King posted their findings on their Facebook:

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BusNo64 posted this on 08 January 2012 and Burger King took two days to complete their investigations. Whether the allegations are true or otherwise, I am impressed with their efficiency.

Edit: 12 January 2012
It has been two days since Burger King issued their investigations but till now, there is no sign of BusNo64 backing up his claims.

Were the allegations untrue? If so, what is his intention to smear the reputation of the fast food restaurant then?

Now it's BusNo64 words against Burger King.

Your thoughts?