Klonghae Floating Market, Hat Yai

After leaving [Guanyin Shan], we headed for Klonghae Floating Market.

Alighting from the coach, we had to walk some distance before making our way down the slope to where the boats are.

There was no proper path for us to walk and no handrail for the elderly to hold onto. Due to the bout of rain earlier, the ground was slippery with mud.

Should one person slipped on the slope, many more would be knocked down like bowling pins.

Quite dangerous, if you ask me.

I think there was supposed to be a wooden platform for people to walk on (refer to the picture below) but somehow when we were there, the platform just wasn't there.


Hawkers selling sugared drinks

Sugared drinks served in ceramic cups which you can bring home

Otak Otak

Seafood on skewers


Actually, there are two sections to Klonghae. The river section which you have already seen above and the land section below which is like a bazaar.

Fear factor #1

Fear factor #2

Fear factor #3

Fear factor #4

Quail eggs

The finished product

Betta fish for sale

Not sure what these are...

Grilled fish

Landing site for flies 

Needs no further introduction

I've tasted better ones elsewhere

Siamese cat

She just had puppies

It breaks my heart seeing this emaciated dog begging for food


Frankly speaking, there is really nothing much to see or do here. It is just a congregation of hawkers except that they are on boats. Given a choice, I would not want to come back for a second time.

Klonghae Floating Market is open only from Friday to Sunday (3pm to 9pm).

We will be watching the [Tranvsestite Show] next!

Watch out for the next entry!