Sentosa Boardwalk

The S$70 million Sentosa Boardwalk was officially opened on 29 January 2011. It has been almost a year since it's opening but it was only until last week that I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful boardwalk linking Sentosa to the mainland.

The 545m (I believe it's more than that; can anyone advice the exact length?) boardwalk features five tropical landscape themes indigenous to Singapore.

They are:

- Mangrove
- Rock Garden
- Terrain & Hill
- Coastal Floral
- Tropical Rainforest
    A scenic view before our walk

    Theme One: Mangrove

    Do not be put off by the 0.5km walk as the boardwalk is coupled with travelators. There are benches, F&B outlets and viewing deck along the way for you to rest your feet and to check out the scenery.

    Cruise ship with lips

    Theme Two: Rock Garden

    Vivocity Waterfront Promenade

    Taken from the viewing deck

    Theme Three: Terrain & Hill

    Curves and lines

    Singapore Cruise Center

    Sheltered travelators on either side of the direction

    Theme Four: Coastal Floral

    Theme Five: Tropical Rainforest


    There are five ways to gain entry into Sentosa: Cable Car ($24 two way); Driving (up to $7 on weekends); Sentosa Rider ($5 one way from the city); Sentosa Express ($3 from Vivocity); Sentosa Boardwalk ($1)

    The Sentosa Boardwalk is by far the latest and cheapest option to enter Sentosa.

    Come take a scenic walk with your loved ones on the Sentosa Boardwalk today!