The Mystery Of The Curry Murder Case @ Orchard Road Presbyterian Church

I passed by the Orchard Road Presbyterian Church while on my way to the National Museum of Singapore.

This church is no stranger to anyone who frequents Orchard Road. Located at the Bras Basah end of Orchard Road right next to the YMCA, the Orchard Road Presbyterian Church has been around since our colonial days.

However, do you know it has a very sombre past?

The church is the crime scene of a possible murder case dubbed as "The Curry Murder" which shook the nation in 1984.

At that time, the police received a tip-off that a man has been murdered by his wife with the help of her three brothers one of whom is a butcher while another is the caretaker of the church. 

Several suspects were picked up and one finally tells the police that the victim was bludgeoned to death with an iron rod before he was cut into small pieces and cooked in curry and rice which was later bagged and thrown into roadside rubbish bins.

The police spent five months trying to gather enough evidence to prosecute the widow of the victim and five members of her family for his murder.

Unfortunately, the victim's remains, the murder weapon as well as the pot used for the cooking were never found and the accused were released for a lack of evidence.

The case was never solved.

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