"Glass Rotunda: Story Of The Forest" Digital Installation At The National Museum Of Singapore

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After finishing the temporary exhibition Witness To War: Remembering 1942, I proceeded to Level 2 of the Museum, where the Glass Rotunda is.

It is home to a new permanent work, Story Of The Forest by renowned Japanese digital art collective teamLab.

I entered the rotunda, not knowing what to expect and I was blown away.

*Lower your volume

Upon entering the rotunda from the second floor, I find myself walking across a bridge under a dark dome, from which a potpourri of digital flowers float around. The experience is both surreal and mesmerizing. I could have stayed for a while longer but the effects were rather hypnotic and I was getting giddy.

I exited the rotunda by crossing over to the other side of the bridge and I was transported to a virtual rainforest that was projected onto a whole stretch of wall via projectors. The fauna and flora were based on paintings from the Museum's William Farquhar Collection Of Natural History Drawings.

*William Farquhar was Singapore's first British Resident.

The interactive rainforest is brought to life by use of computer technology. As I followed the animation along the wall, I realizes the corridor slopes downward in a spiral around the rotunda's cylindrical drum.

Reaching the end of the rainforest scene, it brings me to the bottom of the rotunda on Level One. I re-entered the rotunda and was back under the bridge in the dome. I looked up and realizes the potpourri of flowers falls all the way down from the top. There are luminous trees and forest inhabitants that appear around you whenever someone walks across the bridge on top.

This digital installation is nothing short of amazing and I recommend that everyone should at least go see it once.

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This digital installation is held at the Glass Rotunda on Level 2 of the National Museum from 10am to 7pm daily.

Admission is free for citizens and PRs. Admission fee is applicable for international visitors.

93 Stamford Road
Singapore 178897

(+65) 6332 3659 / (+65) 6332 5642

Opening Hours:
10am - 7pm daily
Last admission at 6.30pm


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