Hill Street Fried Kway Teow At Chinatown Complex 禧街炒粿條

I have long heard of Hill Street Fried Kway Teow but what I did not know is it's location. After some digging online, I found out that there are apparently two fried kway teow stalls which originated from the now-demolished Hill Street Food Centre.

One has moved to Bedok while the other one is at Chinatown Complex. Although sporting similar name on their signboards, both stalls are unrelated and each have their own supporters.

I decided to try the one at Chinatown since Bedok is far too inconvenient for me. Unfortunately, the stall was closed the first two times of my visit. It was only during my third visit did I managed to catch them opened for business.

Located at a quiet corner of the complex, the stall is manned by an elderly couple. The lady will take orders and payment while the man helms the stove.

I ordered the $4 portion and I waited for my food to arrive.

Although it is stated as self-service, the lady will bring the food to your table if you are not sitting too far away from the stall. I noticed that she might have some problems with her leg so try not to let her walk too far.

When my fried kway teow arrived, I took a deep whiff and I am impressed by the smoky aroma. I do not like my kway teow too dry so I am pleased that mine is moist without being too wet.

My $4 plate have beansprouts, cockles, crispy pork lard, koo chye and egg but strangely no waxed sausage. I am not complaining though because I do not like it.

The cockles though tiny, is plentiful and the uncle is also quite generous with the crispy pork lard which elevate the flavors of the kway teow. I would say this plate of fried kway teow is very enjoyable because every mouthful is bursting with the shellfish and fragrance of the pork lard.

I like how the whole dish is savory and mildly spicy yet not overwhelmed by the sweetness of the black sauce. As for the kway teow, they are not too mushy and still provide a good bite.

Many have said that the Bedok one is nicer and even though I have not eaten theirs to be able to make a comparison, I am sure this stall's standard is not too far behind.

What the cockles lacked in size, uncle make up for it in numbers.

I could not see beyond but I believe the uncle fry the kway teow plate by plate and not one big batch at a time so customers may have to be prepared to wait a bit.

My verdict. Need I say more?

Chinatown Complex Market
Blk 335 Smith Street
Singapore 050335

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