River Hong Bao 2017 春到河畔 2017


It is the Lunar New Year and do you know what that means?

River Hongbao - the annual event which everyone has been looking forward to - is back for it's 31st year! Just like the previous years, it is once again being held at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay.

As the folks are hosting guests at home in the afternoon, I would not want to be caught dead in the "line of fire" (interrogation), therefore, I made an excuse to slip out of the house to visit River Hongbao before the 姨妈姑姐s (blood-related or otherwise) arrive.

Abundance And Happiness (祥鸡献瑞)

2017 is the year of the rooster therefore, it is not hard to find chicken lanterns in all shapes and colors. There is even a couple of them in the boat with the God of Fortune (refer to first photo).

God of Fortune (财神爷)

Alas, I came too early to receive the shower of blessings which start daily from 5pm. It is always fun to watch people trying all means to catch the gold-colored paper with their arms outstretched or even with upturned umbrellas! Funnier still is when the wind blows the confetti to one direction and the people actually follows!

As a tribute to our multi-cultural heritage, a corner of River Hongbao was dedicated to the exhibition "The More We Get Toget­her: Festivals and Festivities in Singapore" showcasing festivities observed by fellow communities such as our Muslim friends’ Hari Raya Puasa, our Hindu friends’ Deepavali and our Christian friends’ Christmas.

Jointly curated by Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, and students from Chung Cheng High School (Main) and River Valley HighSchool, the exhibition will enable visitors to better understand how the fabric of Singapore’s multicultural society is strengthened through the co-celebration of these major festivals.

Looking To The Future (雄鸡鸣春 生机勃勃)

I realized the lanterns this year is a lot less traditional than previous years. Rather, there is more emphasis on futuristic elements and technology. In fact, you can pen and release a virtual sky lantern by downloading their mobile app (Itune Store/Google Play) and watch it launch into the sky against the Marina Bay skyline. You can also redeem a free VR headset for free (t&c applies).

Smart Nation

Robots, robotic dog

In harmony With Our Environment (湿地迎春 万象更新)

We can even find Sungei Buloh here. I think the mudskippers are so adorable!


The crab lantern is done pretty good

The Virtues Of Diligence And Learning (闻鸡起舞)

One robot performing the lion dance, one robot lighting the firecracker and one robot beating the drum. If this does not remind you of technology, I do not know what else will.

Abundance For All (年年有余)

A robot fishing with his human counterpart.
12 Zodiacs (12生肖)

Of course, no River Hongbao is complete without the 12 Zodiacs which are a permanent fixture in this event. You can read about your luck for this upcoming year and pose for a photo with your Zodiac animal.

Some schools having rehearsal for the performance at night

Wheel Of Longevity

The Singapore Flyer lantern. Enjoy a 28% discount off your ride at the Singapore Flyer when you show them a photo of this lantern posted on your social media at the ticketing counter.

Ko... ko day?

Wishing Well (许愿井)

You can aim your coins to strike the bells for good luck. The money collected go towards helping the less privileged by Community Chest.

春到河畔2017 机会难逢

River Hongbao 2017 is on until February 4 so you still have a couple more days to visit if you have not already done so! Admission is free and the gate opens from 2pm onward.

RIVER HONGBAO 2017 (春到河畔 2017)
The Float @ Marina Bay
20 Raffles Ave
Singapore 039805

Website: http://riverhongbao.sg
GPS Coordinate: 1.2892781,103.8569089Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/drsatzp6abm

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