Video: Alma

In this post today, I am going to share with you this creepy short film by Rodrigo Blaas.

Since young, I have always had an indescribable fear for dolls especially those life-like ones with movable eyes.

I often wonder, do they have a mind of their own, coming to life at night when everyone else is fast asleep?

To me, dolls are empty shells that attract evil forces to reside in them.

From Wiki:

The film has no spoken dialogue, just lighthearted music playing throughout the background.

A young girl is walking down a snow-covered street of Barcelona. She stumbles across a wall with names written in chalk on it.

She adds her name, Alma, to the wall.

Opposite the wall is what appears to be a closed toy shop.

The doll in the window looks like Alma, and she is fascinated by it. She looks away briefly, and when she looks back the doll has moved from the window to a table in the center of the shop.

She finds the door is locked, and angrily leaves, but hears the door open as she walks away. She excitedly walks in and the door closes slightly; there is no one else in the store.

Alma stumbles upon a small boy doll riding a tricycle which has fallen over. She pick it up and places it on the floor upright, and it heads towards the door, but the door closes on its own.

While the little boy continues to slam against the door, Alma sees that the doll has somehow moved up to the shelves. She climbs up the shelf and reaches for the doll's face.

In an instant the doll's eyes move, and a quick flash of images, and suddenly the lens is through the glass eyes of a doll, sitting on a shelf in the shop.

As the camera pans away, we see that Alma has become the doll and is looking around the store like all the other dolls, trapped and unable to move.

As the camera pans out, another doll appears in the window suggesting the appearance of the next victim.