Army Open House 2012 @ The City

For the first time, the Army Open House (AOH) was held outside military grounds at the F1 Pit beside the Singapore Flyer.

This is in tune with the Army's effort to engage the public and showcase NS45 and the capabilities of our 3G Army. 

NS45 Showcase

Did you know the year 2012 marks the 45th year of National Service in Singapore? Take a nostalgic walk through the history of NS - from the passing of the NS Bill to what the SAF is like today - all in a special exhibit to commemorate NS45.

The theme "From Fathers To Sons" is clearly depicted in the logo above where the camouflage pattern on the father's hand turns into digital pixels on the son's hands.

It is like a progression of the capabilities of our army, as we adopt the latest technology and weaponry through the years.

Army Avenue

The Army Avenue is a crowd puller!

It is a rare opportunity for the public to not just catch a glimpse of our vehicles upclose but to also climb on board to see how it is equipped inside.

Technology & Innovation

Check out the MINDEF Pride Day Exhibits and also learn more about our latest defence technology. There are interactive and simulated games for your hands on experience.

Combat Zone

High Confidence Course is something that all Guardsmen and Commandos must go through. Try your hands at rock climbing and abseil down the 12m tower or via the 80m long flying fox.

Carnival Zone

Fret not if you think that kids would feel left out at the AOH! 

Kidz Boot Camp is catered especially for them!

Here, there is face painting (of the military kind) and they could have photoshoots taken in either No. 1 or No. 4 uniform.

They could also navigate a obstacle course in a military jeep while the more adventurous ones could tackle a scaled down high-elements.

Dynamic Show Arena

If you enjoy watching the Red Lions free-falling during the National Day Parade, then you must not miss out the 3D (Dynamic Defence Demonstration) Show at 10am, 4pm and 7pm.

The Red Lions will kickstart the show followed by a thrilling performance showcasing the operational readiness of our men from the Armed Forces in the event of a terrorist attack!

Watch out for the Leopard Tanks from the Army, Chinook Helicopters from the Airforce and FCU from the Navy!

At the end of the thirty minutes performance, there will a photo opportunity with the men in uniform.

*Pyrotechnics with loud noises are expected.

Battle Rides Zone

Kids will love this and it is my favorite part of the AOH 2012 too!

Clockwise from top left:
Light Strike Vehicle, Bronco & LSV, FCU and LARC V

Among the four rides, the Light Strike Vehicle is the most heart-thumping one as it bash through the vegetation and threatens to throw you off the vehicle as it rock left and right on the uneven terrain.

The Bronco is another vehicle suited for the rough terrain but unlike the Light Strike Vehicle, it is much more stable and comes with air-conditioning.

Measuring 23m long and 6m wide, the FCU (Fast Craft Utility) can support up to 18 tonnes of equipment and personnel. We took a scorching cruise towards the Helix Bridge before turning back.

The LARC V (Light Amphibious Resupply Cargo 5-Ton) is able to move both on land and in water. Avoid the front and outside seats if you do not want to get wet! I was drenched from head to toe.

I skipped the Bionix and Terrex ride.

*Open-toed footwear are not allowed on the rides.