Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction

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By the time you read this post, the exhibition, Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction would have already ended it's 8-months run at the Artscience Museum. The exhibition began in January this year but unfortunately, I got hit by the procrastinating bug and before I knew it, three days is all there is left for me to visit.

Entering the hall, visitors would be greeted by a family of Herrerasaurus. I like how the museum played with the shadows of the skeletons by projecting them onto the wall behind them. 

I thought I was seeing things when I saw them move.

Monday, 14 July 2014

山仔顶基记面家 Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist @ Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

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This review is from a combination of three visits.

One late afternoon, Dad and I came to Hong Lim Market & Food Centre for lunch and we had the Soy Sauce Chicken Noodle (豉油鸡面) from Ji Ji (基记).

It was a choice out of desperation. We had actually come for Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun (德记怡保沙河粉) but it was already closed by the time we were there and so were most of the other stalls.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Yakader Dum Briyani @ Tekka Centre

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 Dum Briyani SGD4.50 with an added hard-boil egg for SGD0.50

All my life, I thought Nasi Briyani is simply Nasi Briyani - a spice-infused rice dish drizzled over with curried meat. The only difference is having either chicken, mutton or fish to go along with your meal.

My first trip to Tekka Centre recently taught me otherwise, as I soon found out that there is another kind called the Dum Briyani where the meat and rice (placed in alternating layers in a pot) are cooked together where the rice stews in the meat juices, absorbing the delicate flavors of the spices and herbs as opposed to Nasi Briyani where the rice and meat were cooked separately.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

德记怡保沙河粉 Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun @ Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun,Crayfish Hor Fun
Hong Lim Market & Food Centre

One of the most exasperating thing to happen while queuing for hawker food has got to be when you thought you are next in line, the person in front actually ordered more than 10 packets to go!

What a bummer...

That's what happened to me when I was queuing for a plate of Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Hor Fun at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre.

Tuck Kee does not use the regular wide hor fun used by our local tze char stalls here. Ipoh's Sah Hor Fun is a flat, rice noodle that is long and narrow bearing some resemblance to our kway teow.

The sah hor fun is drenched with a thickened brown sauce full of crustacean umami with chye sim and fried shallots on the side.

The only headache you have, is to choose what ingredients you want to go with your sah hor fun. The choices are Chicken with Prawns ($4), Medium Prawns ($4.50), Pacific Clam with Prawns ($4.50), Abalone Mushroom with Prawns ($4) and of course their signature and most popular item, Crayfish with Prawns ($6).

No brownie points for guessing what I ordered.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

吊桥头大华猪肉粿条面 Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle @ Crawford Lane

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I have long heard about this famous "Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle" which have been hailed as the best Bak Chor Mee (Minced Meat Noodle) in Singapore by its fans.

That claim sure arouse my interest but I only got to try it last week when I went to collect my new passport from the ICA (Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore) beside Lavender MRT.

The stall in question is located at Blk 466 Crawford Lane, which is right behind the ICA building.

Even though I was there at 11am, a queue of 6 people had already formed in front of the stall. The queue is very slow moving; by the time it reached my turn, twenty minutes have passed.

Of course, I know twenty minutes is not a very long time to wait considering that the queue can sometimes stretch beyond the perimeter of the coffee shop during peak hours (which literally translates to at least 60 minutes of wait)!

I really take my hat off to these people who bothered to queue so long just to have a bowl of noodles.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Nick Pitera: One-Man Tribute to Aladdin on Broadway


Nick Pitera has done it again - this time as a one-man tribute to Aladdin on Broadway.

This talented young man needs no further introduction if you have been a regular reader of this blog for I had blogged about him here, here and here before.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The League Against Evil: A DC Super Heroes Exhibition: Somewhere To Bring Your Kids This June Holidays!

Nope, this is not the headquarters of the Justice League of America but the Singapore Philatelic Museum.

Your favorite super heroes from DC Comics - Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman - is now on exhibition at the Museum. 

Come explore the origins and history of the Justice League through stamps, comic artworks, and collectibles of figurines and models.

This exhibition is held in conjunction with Warner Brothers' celebration of the 75th anniversary of Batman. It is also the first and only DC Comics Super Heroes exhibition in Asia to commemorate this milestone.