Ivan's Porridge @ Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre

During my second visit to Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre, Ivan's Porridge was on the agenda.

I am there to try the boneless fish belly porridge which is highly recommended online but after scrutinizing the menu, I realize that it was no longer available. Perhaps it is an off-the-menu item but I did not ask so I decided to settle for the sliced fish porridge instead.

I placed my order with the auntie who had a punk hairstyle. To my surprise, she is actually quite polite and soft-spoken despite her "havoc" appearance. I was told to take a seat while my order will be delivered to me shortly.

My fish porridge ($2.50) with an added egg (+50¢) was garnished with fried shallots, spring onions and julienne ginger.

As I ate, I realized the fish slices are in broken, tiny pieces. Wouldn't it be more presentable if they come in larger pieces? But what do I know? Just like what has been reviewed online, the fish is really fresh tasting, tender and naturally sweet with non of that offensive fishy smell.

The consistency of the porridge is just right without being too runny or starchy like glue. The addition of the egg gave it a smooth texture that is pleasing on the palate.

The porridge is not laden with msg and needed just a dash of pepper and a few drops of soy sauce to complement it.

There is fried intestine porridge on the menu! And according to reviews, they did a mean rendition of fried bee hoon as well. Guess I just have to come back for these on another day!

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