Delays On SMRT Train Services

After the series of major train breakdowns that inconvenienced thousands of commuters, I noticed that SMRT has taken to social media to disseminate news of any breakdowns or delays. 

I think that is a good move as we could then plan our journey accordingly.

I am not sure if that is a tactic to alleviate rising tensions against the transport company but from what I see, the tweets are getting more "personalised".

Look, they even shared where is the nearest MRT station to certain places and what's nearby. I think that is really helpful!

There are even suggestions of where to go.

Thanks to twitter, we can now even plan an alternative route to our destination.

Hey, they even tell you where to find good eats.

There were some wet weather last month and I thought it was understandable for the trains to run slower for safety reasons.

On 5 Sep, someone activated the emergency button resulting in the delay along the EW line. Since the MRT came into operations in 1987, I have not heard of anyone activating it as the misuse of the emergency button comes with a hefty fine.

On 12 Sep, it happened again at two different stations.

It happened again on 13 Sep. This time it's three different stations.

What are the chances of someone activating the
emergency button three times in a single day?

Another three more incidents on 14 Sep.

Once on 15 Sep.

Thrice on 16 Sep.

Four times on 17 Sep! That's a record!

Twice today (18 Sep) as of 10am at the point of publishing this entry.

I have no idea why the sudden spike in commuters activating the emergency button over the last couple of days and if that is true, I wonder what's the cause of it and why there were no mentions of it in the news?

What do you think?