Happy 40th Birthday, Sentosa!

It was Sentosa's 40th Birthday last Saturday (1 September) and entry to the island via the Boardwalk and Sentosa Express were free.

I took the chance to visit the Nature Walk which is something that I have been wanting to do but was unable to as I could not find it's entrance.

I know it is located somewhere on Mount Imbiah but I just could not find it during my previous visits.

And it's no wonder because the entrance was really secluded and hidden out of sight. (Who would have guessed that the entrance was just a little further down from the restroom?)

I was only able to find it after checking with a friend who used to work there.

For the benefit of those who, like me, do not know where the entrance is, it is located on Mount Imbiah, near the restrooms at the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom. 

Just walk pass the restrooms (on your right) and you will reach a 'hut' with the interative exhibits. That is the starting point of the Canopy Walk and at the end of it is where the nature trail begins.

This gate is another entrance near the CineBlast and 4D Magix


Did you know that the Canopy Walk was built on the old Monorail track?  

Turning the old tracks into a boardwalk among the tree top is truly a brilliant idea! 

Not only does it gives us a bird's eye view of the surroundings, it enables us to learn more about the fauna that live and feeds in it.

You may be interested to join the twice-daily guided tour!

The Canopy Walk is just a short distance but it did not stop there. It is connected by a secondary forest where I could continued my walk.

You know the Canopy Walk has come to an end when you are no longer walking on the boardwalk but on real forest terrain instead.

I came to a clearing where I was offered two options.

I chose the Imbiah Trails route

It could get a little lonely to go trekking without any company.

I did not meet anyone along the way except for a Caucasian boy of about seven years old.

The boy was hopping at the far end of the track (pictured left) but when I got to that point, he was no longer there.

Although it was a straight road ahead, I could not see him, nor his parents in front.

How is it possible for someone with a kid on tow to disappear so fast?

I did not feel anything amiss back then but when I think about it now, I could feel the chills! 

A rest stop that I did not utilise

Imbiah Falls

Tempinis Cascade

I finally exited from Imbiah Trails and ended up on Siloso Road.

After a walk in the forest all by myself, it feels good to be in civilisation again!

There is yet another trail (pictured left) along Siloso Road but I decided against going up by myself.

At that moment, I just felt it isn't safe to go somewhere so remote all by myself.

Walking along the roadside, I followed the signs to Siloso Beach but, I have walked in the opposite direction and ended up at the Casino instead! 

I eventually made my way to Siloso Beach and took a much needed breather outside the Underwater World.

I had wanted to visit Fort Siloso and to Palawan Beach after my rest but a very bad cramp in both legs prevented me from doing so. 

My legs have been protesting quite abit recently but can't blame them as I had been walking all morning!

The cramp is so bad that I had to limp my way back to the Beach Station. I wonder why I had never thought of using the Beach Tram service?

Anyway, there is still time for some turtle watching!

The pools is too cramp for these turtles in my opinion

I love the concept behind such container-converted F&B outlets

I think it is unfortunate that I did not managed to join all the fun at Palawan Beach where the ice slides and sand sculptures are. 

If you have missed out on the celebrations like I do, there is still the Buskers Festival to enjoy which ends on 8 September. 

Do make a date with Sentosa soon!

Stilt walkers at the Merlion Walk